Beware the FBI E-Mail Scam

Desperate for money? Don’t be so quick to cash that check.
Nowadays, as more people find themselves down on their luck, get rich schemes are getting more brazen. That includes impersonating the FBI.
Just a quick peak at your spam inbox will usually reveal a supposed letter from the FBI that will claim that you now are able to receive a lot of money.

Let us break down the situation.
The FBI will never send you an email telling you that you are entitled to money. In fact, no government agency will do such a thing. Nor will they ask you for any personal information. Do not respond to these emails. The safest bet would be to delete these emails, as they will usually result in malicious activity.
If you are entitled to money, there are legitimate ways to searching that can be done directly through various governmental agencies.
When in doubt, do not send money to anybody you do not know. It is extremely rare that any of these situations can end in a positive manner.

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