Fuel Saving Scams

With the price of gas fluctuating on a daily basis, we have started to get desperate when it comes to saving gas.  With that comes the scammers selling you magic fluids or magic devices that can save you thousands of dollars.  Here are some things you should watch out for:

Fuel Additives:

The EPA has tested hundreds of products, the best of which made only a marginal improvement of less than a gallon, meaning that you will have ended up spending more money on the additive.  Also, adding moth balls or acetone to your gas tank can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs on either your paint, or at worst your engine.

Fuel Saving Devices:

Do not think for a second that car companies would hide this device from you.  Just imagine the amount of cars they could sell just by including a fuel-saving device in their cars.  The best way to save gas on the mechanical front is to keep your car properly tuned, making sure that you follow the factory mandated service schedule.

Perhaps the easiest way to save gas is to be smart.  Don’t step on the gas pedal, or drive aggressively.  Also, if you can walk or bike somewhere, then do that instead.  Not only will you be saving money by not driving, but you will also be doing a healthy activity.

Use your head and be smart.  Saving money on gas is easy as long as you don’t fall for any scams that try to sell you on falsehoods.

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