Social Media Impersonation Scam

This scam is an interesting one as it may involve the Social Media accounts of your friends.  Not necessarily your friends themselves, but someone who has hacked into their account.  You may also encounter somebody who wants to become your friend and sell you something.  Here are the details:

Hacked Account:

This scam is rather straightforward and involves a Social Media friend of yours asking you to wire money to them for any number of reasons.  The reality is that if your friend needs money, they know how to really ask you.  Your safest bet, avoid wiring money to any of your friends.  If you have a friend in financial trouble, and they need your help, chances are they will not write you a message with poor grammar or poor spelling.

Fake Account:

Sometimes set up by shady companies in order to solicit something from you.  Always be weary of becoming friends with somebody you do not know.  You can always ask somebody who they are, and why they want to become your friend.  It may also pay to keep your important information, such as your home address, private from people you do not know to avoid being signed up for things you did not ask for.

Social Media, when used properly, can be a great networking tool.  But much like anything, you have to be careful.  If something seems strange, do not be afraid to say something.  A friend asks you for money? Call them and speak to them directly. Random person wants to be your friend? Find out why.

As always, use common sense, and be smart.

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