Online Dating Scams

These scams are a lot easier to come by then you would think.  But they are also much easier to figure out than some other scams, and they are also easy to prevent falling prey to.

How they work:

All it takes is a fake post, or a fake profile.  They will usually start off with some nice, even flattering things to say to you, but will usually not be close geographically.  In fact, they may even be in a different country.  But they will work on you and sweeten you up.  Eventually asking you to help them out with a few dollars here, a few dollars there.  Before you know it, you will have wired a few thousand dollars to a person that does not even exist.

How to avoid falling prey:

As with dating in general, just because somebody compliments you, that does not mean that you will be compatible.  And just because they like the Beatles does not make them a match (Yes, even scam artists like John, George, Paul, and Ringo).  Also, the more you have to pay for the dating site, the less chance you will encounter a scam artist.  That does not mean you should not be vigilant if you pay, it just means there is a smaller chance.

We have all been unlucky in love at some point.  Hold your head up high.  Be confident in yourself, and you will hopefully find the right person.  Just remember to be smart.  Just like you would want to avoid dating a jerk, so too you would want to avoid dating a scam artist.

As always, use common sense, and be smart.

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