Winning Bidder Scam

With a lot of auctions, you will find some great deals.  A lot of which for a deep discount on what the product will usually retail for.  99% of the time, you will be getting a great deal.  It is that 1% that you have to be wary of. However, the scammers will not be able scam you if you pay attention to the warning signs.

Here are some signs you should look out for:

Grammar.  Scammers, for some odd reason, tend not to worry about their grammar.  While not all of us are grammar nerds, we can tell when a sentence just does not sound right.  That can be a sign of a translation service.  These translation services will usually end up missing the nuances of the language, and cause the grammar issues.  These issues are usually highlighted when an item is supposedly being sold within the United States, but the grammar being used is that of a translating service.

Outside Payment Processor. Payment processors such as PayPal have a track record of being reliable and helping out consumers who have been scammed.  Wiring services, however, are not as good, only because paper trails can be misleading.  If you win an auction and the seller directs you to a payment processor that is not affiliated with the auction website, or is done outside of the official channels, bells and whistles should be going off.  In that situation contact the auction website and allow them to research.

While not all-inclusive, these are just some signs of issues that can pop up.  Your safest bet is to use services that are verified through services such as VeriSign or the Better Business Bureau  (BBB).  These services have proven themselves to be reliable.

As always, be smart and use common sense.

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