Nigerian Scams

The need to write on Nigerian scams after all these years tells you how trusting we are.  It should also tell you that we should always be on the lookout for suspicious emails. Now on to the scam.

Nigerian Scams will usually follow a script.  Most of them, if not the overwhelming majority of them, will claim that you can have millions of dollars if you just wire a few thousand dollars to help somebody release the millions of dollars.  In fact, right now in most of our spam folders, or even our inboxes we will find at least one of those emails.  Sometimes it is addressed from an executor based out of a European country, a lawyer or businessman looking to move millions of dollars, winning some lottery you never entered, or even a member of a “royal family.”

These Nigerian Scams, commonly known as 419 scams, can be quite damaging to your bank account.  Basically you are blinded by the promise of millions of dollars, all available to you just by wiring a few thousand dollars the other way.  It is like winning the lottery (or as we mentioned earlier, actually winning a lottery).

Here are some ways to avoid the scam.  Do not believe the email.  It is plain, and it is simple.  The fact of the matter is that for more than 99% of us, we will have to work hard in this life to make millions of dollars.  Yes, there are a few that will win the lottery, but those people are few and far between.

Any email purporting to be from an official agency can always be double-checked.  You can always plug the information into your favorite search engine and check.

You can also check out the 419 Scam Page located on the right-hand side of this page for more information.

As always, be smart and use common sense.  Your wallet will be grateful.

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