Poetry Scam

Remember when our parents took our first poems and put them on the fridge?  It was a crowning achievement for us in our young life.  Capitalizing on that are companies that will offer to put your poems into an anthology.  And that is where the scam comes into play.

What usually happens is that you submit your poem to a contest.  This is where they hook you in.  You will usually get a package saying that you are a winner in a contest.  Part of this victory is the option of getting your now famous poem published in an anthology.  However, this is where you will lose your money.

First, you will have to pay to be published.  Then they will charge more for add-ons such as typefaces and other things.  At the end of the day, you can find yourself out of $100 or more for a vanity publishing of your poem (vanity publishing means that you pay to publish, as opposed to having someone pay you).

While  this may not be a direct scam, you would be wise to avoid dealing with problems related to this issue.

You can avoid this scam by not submitting your original work to a contest that is not verified.  If you believe that you are good enough to be published, then you should be speaking to a real and proper agent.

Remember, be smart and use common sense.

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