Quick Scams for Money

We have all been there before.  We are stuck at home and barely making enough to pay the utility bill.  Then we get an email, telephone call, or see a commercial that promises riches beyond our wildest imagination.  They promise tens of thousands of dollars a day, all while sitting at home and doing nothing.  Great, right? We should be so lucky.

Guess what, being lazy does not ensure you a constant stream of riches.  Neither does some paid actor on TV.  If you could work only a few hours a day and pull in six figures, we would all be doing it.  The reality is that nothing ever beats hard work.  And I do mean ever.  Why are Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants paid the big bucks?  Watch them in crunch time.  All they do is work, and work some more.  Even without an advanced degree, working hard is your best way to make money.

So, how can you avoid quick scams for money? Always, and I mean always check for references, and always be skeptical of anything or anyone that promises riches beyond your wildest dreams.  Chances are there is a catch that makes it very unlikely that you will ever see more than a token few dollars.  We have previously enumerated a lot of these scams, and I suggest that you look over them to ensure that you are aware of what is out there.

Being smart does not mean relying on grades, or IQ, it means being able to apply what you have learned.  If other have learned something and passed it on, then do not be afraid to take a part in that knowledge.  And that is why I suggest looking at references for a potential employer.  That means doing your research and knowing who you are dealing with.

So be smart, and use common sense.  Quick scams for money only end up with you having less money, and being even further down on your luck.

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