Music Scams

Where to begin on this topic.  Quite frankly, many people will say the cost of CDs is a scam.  And you know what?  More often than not I would tend to agree with them that the price is too high.  However, a scam they are not.  Rather, today we will focus more on a general them of scamming people looking to make it big in music.

I remember one day I was sitting in a public cafeteria, and a man approached me with a big smile on his face.  In his hands were fliers advertising the ability to become the next big music star.  All you would have to do is tape your demo at some predetermined studio, and record your music.  Now this is where things started looking sketchy.  The man ended up being a third party, and was soundly ignored by our table.  However, not everybody ignored him.  Some people took him up on that offer and ended up pouring out their hearts on a demo.

What happened next is very similar to the poetry scams I talked about earlier.  Money was shelled out for dreams of prosperity.  Dollar signs showed up in the minds of those who were doing the recording.  Instead of thinking logically, they ended up being out much more money than they should have been.  So, how do you differentiate between a legitimate chance to become a music superstar and a scam?

Your first step is being honest with yourself.  Do you really have talent, or would Simon Cowell laugh at you?  Be honest with yourself, even if your friends are not.  As horrible as it sounds, you will not be a superstar if you do not have a good voice, or cannot sing on key.  I am sorry.

The more important step is knowing how to be found musically.  You will not be found by recording a demo CD after being approached by a random stranger who has never heard you perform.  Much like in the movie “Airheads,” signing somebody to a record contract cannot happen without first being heard.

Finally.  Ask questions.  There are many scam artists in the world of music.  Whether it be musicians that steal songs (of which plenty of well known bands have unfortunately done), or ‘producers’ who steal songs, and give them to another singer.  Always be careful and know who you are dealing with.  The worst thing that can happen is that your original music ends up making someone else a star.

So be smart, and be honest with yourself.  Common sense will only get you so far here, as music can be a slippery slope.  Being honest with yourself and asking questions can end up being the difference.

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