Free Paying Surveys Scam

Of all scams, this has to be one of my favorite scams.  The reason being that we are regularly asked questions, and without realizing anything that information is passed on.  The one positive of this scam is that it will very often not involve you spending much, if any of your own money.  At least not directly.

The problem with the free paying surveys scam comes from the Spam that results.  Within that spam you will be sure to find many different types of email scams, but I digress.  This scam can, and will more likely than not, result in you spending much more time than necessary filling out what amounts to Spam forms.  Additionally, you will likely end up seeing supposed free offers popping up with these surveys.  These offers are not free, and are filled with erroneous and false information.

For lack of a better word, survey scams are a gateway scam.  They prey on desperate people looking to make a quick buck.  There are many more legitimate ways to do that.  If you use common sense, then you will be able to see right through the smoke and mirrors and stay away from this scam.

Remember to use your head.  If something seems too good to be true, chances are it is.  As always be smart and use common sense, you will not regret it.

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