Sweetheart Scams

Before it gets all crazy up in here, let me explain what a Sweetheart Scam is.  It is not a situation like a divorce, where the other party wants to  wring every last dollar and cent out of you, all while taking the majority of your personal belongings.  No, a Sweetheart Scam usually ends before marriage.  Sweetheart Scams are simple to execute.  Just find a desperate person and take them for as much money as you can.

Let me explain the difference between a gold-digger and a sweetheart scammer.  A sweetheart scammer is usually much more secretive, and will usually disappear following the end of their scam, as opposed to a gold-digger who is more likely to stick around and not be sparse.

Sweetheart Scams can happen to both young and old.  Usually this person will promise to take care of you.  All you need to do is give them some money to help out.  After a while, with your savings starting to dwindle, things go south.  Sometimes you will see the victims of these scams on TV Judge shows.  However, sometimes there is nothing that can be done for the victim.  That is why you have to protect yourself.

It is one thing to give your significant other a gift.  Feel free to even give them a cash gift, but if they keep asking you for money, you have a right to be concerned and ask questions.  Yes, it is nice to feel loved, but the hollow feeling of being a victim is far worse.  Pay attention to your bank and credit card accounts, and do not be so trusting with a new person in your life.

People can be too trusting sometimes, but doing so can put you at risk for falling victim to this scam.  So do not be afraid to ask questions.  Surely your new sweetheart has friends.  Do not be scared to ask them questions. If they don’t then consider that a red flag.  Family too.  Surely they must have at least one living relative.  They are not alone all the time that they are without you.  Remember that.

Sweetheart Scams can be tragic not just because of the money involved, but because of the emotional trauma.  Protect yourself, and be smart.  Common sense is unfortunately not applicable here, as love makes you do crazy things.  But sometimes you just have to make the right choice no matter how hard it is emotionally.  Do not become a victim.

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