Internet Marketing Scam

Have you ever received a call from an 1-800 number about free internet marketing?  Well if you have, you are much like us over here at, and other businesses.  Some companies offer a supposedly free internet marketing service.  Upon hearing the word free, people sign up, over the phone.  Within a month many people report a $49.95 or similar charge on their phone bill (not credit card) from various different companies.

Fighting back against such free internet marketing scams  is quite easy.  Never agree to a free trial over the phone (in fact state the following “I do not in any way agree to any trial of anything, and I am specifically declining any product or service you are offering”).  Unlike a website that has clearly stated terms and conditions, many legitimate websites will offer a free trial followed by a fee.  However, you can never be sure who you are getting in bed with when you do it over the phone  that originated on cold call to you, as these scams can end up burning a very deep hole in your wallet.

What companies like the scammers offer is a promise of higher placements in search engines.  Even then you cannot trust a telemarketing service.  Any marketing business will be able to have some sort of resume to show you, and not sell you on a scammy sounding offer.

Protecting yourself from internet marketing scammers and other telemarketing scams can be as easy as placing yourself on the registry, and reporting any violation of that.  These telemarketers are fined for each call, and this will deter them from pestering your business.

The other form of protection you can use is never say yes to anybody over the phone.  Free trial or not, if they are legitimate, they will give you a way to investigate them online.

As with any scam, you do not want to be a victim.  Stay sharp and focused if a telemarketer calls.  Do not say yes without verifying all of the information (if at all), and doing proper  research.  Remember to use common sense and be smart.

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