Which Work At Home Jobs Are Scams?

Now this particular topic is far more difficult than it sounds, because this really comes down to what you consider work at home, and how much debt you are willing to take on.  Granted there are those that are really scams, but there are many that require a lot of effort and money on your part prior to seeing a return.

How can you tell if something is a scam?  Well, anybody that promises six figures immediately should be doubted.  But that we have already covered.  You should be focused on the bottom line and have a business plan prior to starting work from home.  There are reputable companies out there, from which you can earn a living.  That does not mean you should quit your day job.  Instead, speak to others who have worked from home.  Find out what they learned.  Have the been scammed?  Those who have been scammed can help you assess reality and whether or not a job is real.

Another tip is to work in a field you know.  Working from home doing something unfamiliar can leave you even more vulnerable to scammers.  A lot of people start off freelancing on the side, and make their way into the work from home category.  Those people branch out from a position of strength and use that to build a business, and may also be a helpful resource.

Long story short, be smart.  Work at home jobs can be very shady.  Do a little research, and if you are serious about it, ask around.  Your friends, family, and neighbors can be your best resources.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.

As always, be smart and use common sense.  Keep yourself safe.

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