Internet Scam Check

This is one of those things that practically writes itself.  In fact, a simple search with the word scam will more often than not tell you everything you need to know.  Just one thing.  You cannot trust everything you read.  There are people out there with a bone to pick.  Those people may have valid points, but as with everything skepticism is best.

So, how do you really check for a scam? Look at the endorsements.  Are they well-rated by the Better Business Bureau?  Do companies like Veri-Sign also endorse them?  People who get angry will  find excuses to ignore these signs, but you need to really do your research.

Your best bet with checking scams is to go directly to the source.  Do they connect you to a real live person.  Is their website done professionally, and has working links.  Most internet scams are fly-by-night, and will not even have a proper website address, instead choosing a slight offshoot of something real  (Unfortunately do to legal concerns we cannot elaborate on the specific addresses of these websites).

There are many legitimate blogs and message boards such as (Which is owned by Consumer Reports), that can help you evaluate a scam, mostly just by searching through their database.

So just be smart.  Do not miss out on opportunities just because you are scared, but be smart, use common sense, and don’t be afraid to be skeptical.

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