Lottery Scam

There was recently an interesting lottery scam.  Unlike your garden variety e-mail lottery scam.  This one involved more of a raffle.  Except that in the end nothing was won, and refunds had to be given.  Ironically this is where you need that refresher course on the garden variety winning ticket scam, or winning lottery scam, because these scammers are getting more clever.

By now, the majority of us have learned how to avoid these scams, or our email providers have done so for us (Thank you SPAM filters), but every so often one will get through.  Knowing what to look for can save you from possibly losing a lot of money.

The first step is really two different steps.  Let me explain.  You can either not play any lottery at all, saving you the trouble.  That way when someone tells you that you won, you can just ignore them.  Or you can play a legitimate lottery run by your local government.  Other than those two options, you are taking a risk.

I am not saying that your child’s school or a local, reputable charity is a scam artist.  What I am saying is that know beforehand what you are getting into.  And by all means, even if you lose a charity or school lottery, you will still be doing something good (or so we hope)

Remember to stay sharp, and stay focused. Common sense, and being smart are your best friends.  And if you do play the lottery, good luck.

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