Breaking Dawn Scam: Not The Right Way To Join Team Edward or Team Jacob

You know that once Betty White has been rumored to join your movie, you are pretty set with extras.  You do not need to hire anybody else.  And while that may seem to be a knock on her acting ability it should not be.  Rather it should be a sign for those of you out there that have been getting the acting bug after seeing the newest Twilight Flick that they do nto need you to act for them.

As we previously mentioned (see: Breaking Dawn Scam), these are set up as ways to allow you to lose out on hard earned money.  Acting in a movie, or even being an extra does not, nor should not require you to pay for anything more than acting classes.  And while these scams have been around for a while, their newest target, tweens, should be advised of the risks they are taking.

Team Edward and Team Jacob can be joined by buying yourself a t-shirt or some other form of memorabilia or paraphernalia, not by paying a company upwards of $200 to market yourself and turn yourself into a star, or give you a role, even as an extra.

Please understand that being famous requires a lot of hard work, and determination.  Sure there are a few who get lucky, but the vast majority of people do not fall into that category.  And while we can try to understand that and explain that here, you would be wise to avoid anybody promising you a chance to be in the next Twilight movie.  Remember to always check credentials.  Get references, and know who you are really dealing with.

There are people out there looking to make a quick buck off of you, and it is extremely important to know that your money would be better spent on paying the $12 for the movie, and another $20 for a t-shirt than to spend almost ten times that amount getting your hopes up for nothing.

Be smart, and use your head.  If you really want to get into acting.  Take the necessary steps, attend classes, and look for an agent.  Then with a little bit of luck, who knows.  Until that happens though, please, do not fall for this scam.

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