Internet Scam Check: Part 1

Very simply, how do you know whether or not something is a scam?  Sometimes you have to make that snap decision that ends up becoming either very costly for you.  And that my friends is the key.  Before we get any further, let us be clear that a decision that requires an immediate answer, and involves money, is more often than not, a scam.  Especially when you consider who you are dealing with.  That is right.  You have no idea.

Consider for starters you average internet scam will usually involve having to click further on something.  That means that you will actively engage the scam.  Some scams will be pretty simple to figure out.  Are things spelled correctly?  Do they bother to deal with proper grammar?  Yes, those things that our elementary school teachers (and some college teachers) drilled into our heads actually have a use.  Read everything and see if it makes much sense to you.  Does it read normally?  This is just one test.

Another test is a test I personally use.  I call it the search test.  Type in the name of the company followed by scam, or rip-off and see how many things pop up and do a little research.  Sometimes people are upset and will write nasty things, and those should NOT stop you from doing business with a company.  However, if you find multiples upon multiples of complaints, and issues, then stop what you are doing and do not enter anything that can potentially leave you liable to losing money.

This is only Part 1, of the Internet Scam Check.

The second part will deal with what to do if you believe you are being scammed and how you can report it.

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