Work At Home Scams: The Hard Truth

In these tough economic times many of us are doing what we can to get some extra cash coming through the door. Unemployment is at an all time high, which means that more and more people are at home looking for work on their computers. Who doesn’t want to work from home? Crooks and thieves may be a cowardly lot but no one ever said they were dumb. These hustlers post ads on the Internet advertising easy money work at home jobs that will garner you 6 figures a year easily with no experience necessary while letting you make your own hours. Work at home scams have been prevalent for many years. Now, to someone who doesn’t have a job and not many prospects; that sounds like the deal of a lifetime. More often than not these fake companies that offer you these jobs are complete scams that will either have you do a ton of legitimate work with no pay out or somehow knock you into a large debt hole that is tough to climb out of.

To avoid these work at home scams you need to use your head and do some research. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. Those kinds of plans are reserved only for sitcoms and if you watch TV, you know that it never works out in the end, and Fred ends up getting yelled at by Ethel. Use your computer for research purposes. Try to find people who used to work for the same company or research the company it self. Work at home scams can pop up when you least expect them. Think of them as a predator that will strike at you when you are at your weakest. Make sure that the company you are applying for is 100% legit. You can easily contact the Better Business Bureau to see if they exist. You can see if they have a telephone number, website, and credentials on the Internet. That is easily accomplished by typing in the name of the company into a search engine followed by the word “scam”.  Keep your eyes open and remember that if someone wants you to pay them so you can work; it is definitely not all that it was cracked up to be. The jobs to watch out for sound legitimate but at the end of the day they are scams looking to phish info from you to lead you into some kind of money saving “deal” or as stated before; a company that needs your investment. Some of these jobs call for envelope stuffers; it’s not the 50’s so don’t waste your time. Think about the job itself before you proceed to get all happy that you will be making $1,000 a day. Most of these jobs can be given to teenagers if they were for real. Generally, if it is a work from home job scam the “company” you are applying for will ask you for your bank account information so they can direct deposit money into your account. However, once they have your info there is nothing stopping them from filling out a withdrawal slip in your name and pulling out your savings.

In these uncertain times you would have to be extra careful about people trying to take your money with these work at home scams. The majority of Americans have fallen on hard times recently and if you think about it; wouldn’t we all be rich if these jobs were real?

If you want to earn a living from home you’re going to have to do it the old fashioned way with a lot of hard work and determination.

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