Charity Scams: Use The Internet To YOUR Advantage!

People who are desperate for money will do anything in their power to try and take cash out of hard working citizens pockets with a scheme that takes little effort on their part but would have severe consequences for anyone that falls for it. One such example would be a Charity Scam. These scams can generally happen online or sometimes in-person. Basically, what a charity scam can be is someone who is looking for money for some sort of cause or another. These charity scammers can get your money by basically hooking you into a sob story. They could be asking you to help children in a foreign country or for some sort of disease research.  One could easily replicate “proof” of a cause by printing out some fake statistics and pictures that they got off the Internet and made on their home computer. The reason that these Charity scams work is that they use emotional attachment to prey on the unsuspecting public. They rely on a person’s good nature and willingness to help strangers to take advantage of their personalities and wallets.

These people who prey on the innocent will try and get you to believe in their “cause” no matter how obscure it might be. They could simply take concerning headlines that can be found in any newspaper or online article today and spin it for their own needs.

These kinds of interactions could be easily avoided by thinking ahead. When you are approached by a charity you have never heard of that seems like a good cause; it would be in your best interest to respectfully decline at that time and acknowledge that you would do some more research into the situation. You can definitely use the internet to your advantage and research any number of Charity Scams and organizations that you may be suspect of. If you find out that the party who approached you is fake you could either do nothing or report them to the authorities. If you find out they are legit then you may actually help save a couple of lives by donating money to a good cause. Either way, you will have the comfort in knowing that you weren’t duped by a Charity Scam trying to take your hard earned dollars away.

Don’t be fooled by quick talkers or people who claim they represent something bigger than themselves. Remember, they are approaching YOU for money, not the other way around. Even if it sounds like a good cause – do some research and find out if your money is going someplace worthwhile.

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