Poetry And Writing Scams: Busted!

If you are a writer or a literature student then you definitely want to get your writing out there somehow. You need to be careful to whom you submit your work to because it may indeed turn out to be a scam. Poetry and Writing scams run rampant on the Internet and even through snail mail. This is a unique scam because it lulls you into a false sense of security. What would happen is that you would see some news about a writing contest. The prize is either to have your poem or writing read by professionals and then published. So let’s say you write something. You would get a letter or an email telling you that you were awarded a prize. However, you did not receive a cash prize. You have the “honor” of getting your poem or story published in a book. These vanity books are where the scammers make their money. You would have the “privilege” of being in their publication if you shell out some of your hard earned money for a book that they will place your poem or writing into. They will also give you the option of different mediums to showcase your work, which in turn means shelling out more money.

If you are a writer and are serious about getting published, then there is no reason you should fall for a scam like this. By all means, you should enter contests and submit your writing to places but if you are to be published you will generally not be asked to spend your hard earned money. Being published on any level legitimately is a big deal for any writer and an extreme honor. These poetry and writing scammers prey on that ideal and turn it into profit for false advertising as well as delivering a shoddy product.

A scam like this makes you think that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The fact of the matter is that these scams go on all the time and once you fall for it you will be spammed to no end. The bottom line is that if you are a writer you should get yourself out there by using the proper channels instead of what looks like a sure thing that could boost your ego but also cost you money in the long run. Scammers love exposing people for their talent. If anything, you should be charging people for your services.

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