You Just Won The Lottery…Or Did You?

It’s a lot of peoples dream to win the lottery; or to win anything for that matter. This next scam takes advantage of that little bit of hope that is inside each and everyone of us that we will win something big one day. The Lottery scam basically lures you in by telling you that you have been randomly placed in a drawing or your name came up as the lottery winner for some institution or even for another country. Often times you would get an email telling you that you have won. If you open the email you will find that you have won some obscene amount of money in another denomination. Then the letter asks you to provide some personal information in order for you to claim your “prize”. There is no prize. If you do send these scammers important personal info they will more than likely use it against you and clean you out for all you got.

The lottery scam preys on people who want to win things. Let’s face it, we all want to win something sometime right? It also presents itself as a sure fire solution to your financial woes. One thing that the scam does is ask you to send a bit of money so you can claim your winnings. Of course, if it was true it would make financial sense. “Hey, let me send a couple thousand bucks so I can facilitate me getting a million dollars. It would be a drop in the bucket!” The average person would say. This is where some savvy with the internet comes into play as well as common sense. You also have to keep in mind that the old adage is true; “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

In this day and age you have automatic spam filters in your email that weed out the good from the bad. They catch 90% of the otherwise scamming stuff that would normally render your day asunder. If you don’t have a spam filter set up then you should look into it. You can avoid most of these scams simply by locking them out of your system. Also, be aware of what you are doing online and where you are placing your information. You don’t know if a so called “reputable” website is selling your name and email address to another company that wants nothing more than to take your hard earned cash from you by wooing you with dreams of found money. Lottery scams are definitely out there and are just another way for a weasel to steal from you.

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