Asian Domain Name Registration Scam: Phishing For A Catch

If you have any presence on the web then you probably have your own website or at least a domain name registered with a company like or or the many others out there on the web. This could lead to a possible Asian Domain Name Registration Scam (Try saying that three times fast while being suspended over a shark tank). Now, this scam will target a domain name registrant such as yourself in a very unique way which could be considered by many a scare tactic. The purpose of this scam is to get you to buy domain names that you don’t necessarily need in an attempt to get you to shell out money. The Asian Domain Name Registration Scam will contact you via email with a letter that seems like it is from a concerned domain name company overseas. They would tell you that someone else is trying to register a domain similar to yours and would provide you with a list of available variations on your domain name. These domains would typically end in .cn,, .net.con, .asia, and the list goes on.  These aren’t fake domain endings they are just ones that you wouldn’t think of buying. The average person or business buying domains would snatch up the ones that are most important to web traffic such as .com or .net. You wouldn’t even think of getting any other designations. This is where the scare tactic ploy of the Asian Domain Name Registration Scam comes into play. They would inform you that someone else is trying to register a similar domain name to yours. But, out of the goodness of their heart the domain company has decided to put those orders on hold so you can review the available domain names, possibly buy them, and then “avoid legal trouble” by having no “competition” out there for your name. You can easily avoid this scam by sending it right to your spam folder. There is no reason you should be motivated into buying domain names unnecessarily. Just keep your eyes open and know that this scam exists so you won’t fall victim to it.

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