Acting/Modeling Agency Scam: Don’t Get Fooled!

Hey, its no lie that if you were given the choice to be rich and famous, you’d probably take it. Who wouldn’t? The money, the fame, the toys that go with it seem like such a dream to most of us. There are people out there who make it and we let them into our homes every night via TV or Film, but they got there somehow and it was generally through hard work or being at the right place at the right time. On the flip side, like any industry, there are people out there who are waiting in the wings to take advantage of you. If you have dreams of becoming an actor or model you should watch out for this clever scheme that could hit your when you least expect it. This acting/modeling agency scam basically preys on your hopes to become famous through your talent. The way it works is that you answer an ad for someone looking for some kind of talent. These ads are generally online and posted on places like or You would send in your resume or head-shot and they would ask you to come to an office for a meeting. While you are at that office they will keep you in a waiting room with other people who want to break into the biz. This is the first mistake you can make. Generally, if a real casting service were in that office you would be able to find them online or find info on the net from someone who actually went in for an audition. What you have stepped into is a fly by night organization that rented out a studio space for a certain amount of time. When it is your turn to get “interviewed” you are led into an office covered in celebrity 8 x10 pictures. The Acting Modeling Agency Scam is easy to pull off and easy to spot too. You get a short interview but then the interviewer will let you know whom he knows and who excelled from the company. This is generally a line of BS. Those pictures on the wall could be printed out from any computer with a printer. Anything can be faked in this situation. Next, this person will tell you that you have a good look and can probably generate some money. Now, here comes the “but”. But, they will say, you need some professional pictures first. Wait, there’s more. Lo and behold the day you walk in just so happens to be the day they are doing a sale so instead of paying $300 for a set of pictures you would pay only $100. In your head you may think that’s a great idea but you are paying for rubbish. They would upload your pictures to a phony site and you would wait with bated breath for those great gigs to come in. This company would then close its doors and move to another location. Lets say a couple of hundred people fall for this scam. At a hundred bucks a pop this fake company would make 10K in less than a few days and you would get your hopes up that you would be the next DeNiro or Glenn Close. In order to avoid these situations you should just take some time to separate fact from fiction. Do your research and keep honing your craft. If you believe in yourself then you will definitely make it without any scams to hinder you.

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