Cell Phone Texting Scam: It’s out there people!

In this day and age most everyone who lives in the civilized world has a cell phone. To a lot of us it is a commodity you begrudgingly cannot live without. For others of us; it is something that is the gateway to social interaction, the likes of which have not been seen in ages. Smart phones nowadays give you previously unheard of capabilities. You can log into numerous email accounts, check all of your social media websites, stream and download games, watch TV shows or movies, and even edit your own videos. The smart phone is certainly the wave of the future. However, the price of that technology can sometimes surprise you. While clicking through websites and surfing the net on your phone, you may accidentally click on a text update message. You never know what these mean and if you see them on a site you enjoy, you may think that there is no harm. That is where the Cell Phone Texting Scam comes into play. You may idly get these random updates and nonsensical ads texted to you, but at the end of the month you could find that your phone is being charged for all these texts. The Cell Phone Texting scam can affect your pocket and your sense of reason as well. These companies do not need your name or address to get your money. They would get it from your provider and since you did click on that mysterious link, there is really no way of knowing if you wanted these updates or not.

Two things you can do about the Cell Phone Texting scam is that one, you shouldn’t click on somewhat fishy looking links. If you want updates direct from a reputable website or association, then you may have something legit. But, if you see a link on some obscure site you like, then maybe you shouldn’t click on it. Always err on the side of caution. Second, if this does happen to then you should contact your cell phone provider immediately and let them know about these grievous transactions. They may not be able to refund your money, but at least they can get the texting to stop. This is one of those scams that sort of slips through the radar if you aren’t careful enough to catch it. The Cell Phone Texting scam is out there; so buyer beware!

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