Holiday Deal Scam: Tis The Season…for Scamming!

Chances are, if it’s to good to be true, then it is. The holidays are here and that means people are willing to spend money for their families and friends. It also means that the predators out there that want nothing more to take your hard earned cash, are on the prowl. While you hunt for deals, they hunt for your wallet. These predators can be found online and in your email. They know the holidays are here and that you are looking for deals. The Holiday Deal Scam can strike anywhere there is a blind link or tempting email. Maybe you DO want that hot new game system for $20, but would it really happen? Probably not. Generally, these scams are here to get your Credit Card information so that some stranger can have some Happy Holidays of their own. Tis’ the season for giving but for these predators, it’s the season for taking. The holiday deal scam is simple. Let’s say you were online and looking to get that hot holiday toy. You would scour the depths of the Internet so your kid or niece or nephew doesn’t shed a tear this holiday season. However, the holiday deal scam is right around the corner.

You have your credit card in hand or maybe multiple cards strewn about. You are waiting to pounce on a deal when you see it. That is usually when it happens. You see a colorful banner that advertises the toy or game you want and on this banner there is an insanely low price. You think you are the best because no one else is about to get this deal. You fill out the shopping cart and check out playing a small price for a high ticket item. What you will only realize later on is that the item will never come and your card will continue to get charged. Plus, when you call the company to see if they really exist or can at least provide you with a tracking #, you get a constant busy signal, an eternal ring, or a dreaded message that tells you that phone number doesn’t exist. What can you do to not have your mind and or wallet blown? Well, just do some research and be a savvier shopper. All this headache can be avoided by simply doing your shopping ahead of time, finding the right deal from a reputable company, and moving on to the next one. Above all, don’t panic. The holiday deal scam is out there, but you can easily avoid it.  It’s not the end of the world. Just don’t fall for an easy scam that can ruin your holidays.

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