Vacation Marketing Scam: No Such Thing As A Free Vacay!

You ever get those letters in the mail or emails to your computer asking if you would like a free vacation? Most of us have, and who wouldn’t want a free vacation? To most working adults a vacation automatically brings a sigh of relief of something that could sometimes never be. Put the word “Free” in front of it and then you get some thoughts about how you could follow up on this. The Vacation Property Marketing scam now has its hooks in you. This scam is basically your old-fashioned time-share scam taken to the next level. If you follow through with this scam you are pretty much flown out to a location with a 2-3 night stay in a hotel room. However, during your stay you are obligated to attend meetings where you are told about certain affordable properties in the area. Now, these people will tell you there is no obligation to buy, but they will constantly pressure you into dealing with them. The Vacation Property Marketing Scam will use all they can to get money out of your pocket. More often than not, those who do attend these events do end up with something they don’t want. Cue a huge case of buyer’s remorse. Now you have a contract to stay in a vacation area that is a pain to get to and that you can only use certain times during the year.

You can easily avoid this scam by avoiding these emails. Remember, it is very rare that something is completely free. Plus, even if you take this so called vacation, you would be pressured and guilted into investing in something that is virtually useless or impossible to get the most out of. Just throw these junk email and snail mail ads out. It is easy to get fooled sometimes but the Vacation Property Marketing Scam is an easy one to avoid, especially if you just keep your eyes open, ignore the glitz and glamour of a free vacation and just go about your day.

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