Anti Virus Scam!

If you are using a PC, chances are you may have come across an error message online that would prompt you to immediately download software to fix your computer because you are in grave danger of a virus. The Anti Virus Anti Spyware Scam could find you at any turn on the Internet. This is a common occurrence especially if you surf the net regularly and have somewhat lax or not up to date anti-virus software on your computer. These messages can be startling and panic inducing because the general public thinks that their own personal machine is about to be hacked and their personal information stolen. This scam actually reverses that and those pop ups you get will actually lead to you getting taken for a ride.

The way this Anti Virus Anti Spy-ware Scam works is that you could be surfing the net and you would get a pop up exclaiming that your system is in high risk of an outside attack. It would also inform you to click somewhere on the pop up to download a free scan of your software. If you click on that link you would end up putting more spy-ware on your computer, which, when left unattended, could severely damage your machine to the point of non-working. These pop ups also ask you for personal information like name address and credit card information so they can “send” you some new anti virus software. It doesn’t exist and it doesn’t work and you would have just gotten taken for some hard earned cash.

You can avoid this problem by simply not clicking on these pop-up ads, installing verified anti virus software on your PC like Norton, MCafee, or Kasperskys. Operating a computer can be a delicate thing for those who aren’t all that computer savvy so just steer clear of pop ups and anything that asks you for money that is not a secured website. You can easily avoid the Anti Virus Anti Spy-ware scam by following those easy steps and keeping your eyes open.

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