Secret Shopper Scam: Do Not Get Fooled

Generally, when something is too good to be true, it probably is. Take the Mystery Shopper Scam. This scam preys on people who want to make a little extra cash or are so desperate for work, that they would try anything! The way the mystery shopper scam infiltrates your life could be considered a bit insidious, but that’s what predators do; they strike when it’s most convenient for them.

The way this scam works is that you could answer an ad from an online classified site that describes a job where you go to a store or purchase items online. You would then rate how smooth your transaction went, quality of service, availability of item, and possibly ease of pay and shipping if you are buying over the Internet. You would apply for this job and who ever posted these ads would get back to you and ask you for some money for them to send you a kit. This kit would act as your training manual. The first thing is never pay someone who is supposed to pay you. They would also demand pay over the course of a couple of days, otherwise you “will never get hired again”.

Ideally, you would think it was a great job, because you get to go out, shop, get reimbursed OR get paid to shop and be a critic. People love being critics so it is natural that it would be a desirable job.

You can avoid this scam by realizing a few things. Generally, when a company is large enough that they need a secret shopper to check up on customer satisfaction, they usually hire in house personnel. That cuts down costs and that way, they can report right to the higher ups. If the job of personal shopper is outsourced to another company looking for a regular person, they would not ask you for any money right off the bat. These people would take the money you just gave them and have a shopping spree of their own. You can steer clear of the mystery shopper scam by opening your eyes and realizing that sometimes, things aren’t as easy as going shopping.

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