Paid Online Survey Scam!

When you are online you sometimes come across a website that claims that they will pay you to take surveys. They say that these surveys are an invaluable way to track consumer trends or are good for some random company’s research. Now, they also say that for your time that they will pay you and that you could make a pretty decent amount of money per day – just by taking surveys. Now, all that seems pretty easy, but remember; sometimes things are too good to be true. Now, there are some survey sites that do pay, but you receive a check or gift card for a small amount once or twice a year. As for the rest of these companies – you would just get spam in your mailbox and probably some kind of virus on your computer. The paid online survey scam takes advantage of those who would like to make a quick buck, the unemployed, and even those with too much free time on their hands.

The paid online survey scam will destroy your registered email addresses with spam and flood your computer with ad traffic. No one wants that. These types of survey scams make you do a ton of work and have either extremely little or no reward. You are basically wasting time doing a job someone else is getting you to do for free by dangling a carrot in front of you.

You can avoid the Paid Online Survey Scam by simply opening your eyes and wising up. Predators will do anything in their power to make you waste your precious time for some mythical reward. Do not give them the satisfaction. Next time you see an ad for one of these survey scams, pass over it and read the funny pages!

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