Online Accounts Scam

If you are a computer savvy person or one who engages in social networking or sales online, there is a chance that you have different user accounts across multiple websites. Now, these sites usually let you know ahead of time that they will never ask for your personal information, credit card information, or password information. After all, you want to maintain some privacy when you go online and do your business. No matter how web savvy you may be, you may be susceptible to the Online Accounts Scam.

The way the Online Accounts Scam works is pretty simple. If you log into your email address you may have an email from one of the many websites you have signed up with. The email looks real, but it isn’t. It may have the right SENDER name but will have a false return email address. The body of the email would also look semi cobbled together. Now, these emails are sent by predators and trolls who need your information to do their dastardly deeds.

If you fill out these forms that means your online identity has a large chance of being compromised as well as your email address being compromised. Before you know it, these cretins could be using your accounts to send out spam as well as posing as you to get the upper hand on your online friends.

In order to avoid these scams you can simply just not do anything. Don’t fall for these fake emails because you should know that whatever site you sign up with will never ask you for anything. They may send you newsletters, but unless it is an OFFICIAL email that is proven, do not do anything. As always, be safe online and at home, and don’t fall for any scams!

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