UK Based Charity Scam

We all know that SPAM email exists. We have to be on top of our game to not fall for the same email subject lines or email address that look real. Scammers know what they are doing and use the global market to their own gain. For example, the UK Based Internet Charity Scam preys on your good intentions and your non-wariness of over seas scams. Some people may take a look at this scam and think it was legit because it came from overseas. However, money knows no boundaries and that is exactly what they are after. Now, sometimes if you watch the perimeter too hard you can miss an attack from another source. That is what the UK Based Internet Charity Scam does. It hits you with a plea from a strange local that you could be vaguely familiar with, and could possibly tug on your heartstrings a little bit.

The way the scam works is that you simply get an email alerting you to a crisis that is happening overseas and that you are one of many people who is contacted that can help. Now, it would go on to tell you that you need to donate money to a good cause. These scammers will come up with a true to life cause and inundate you with facts about this cause. However, the UK based charity scam is exactly that, a scam. So if you do send money, or give away any personal information, there is no way it is going to a reputable place. You would only be filling these scammers pockets with your hard earned money. These scammers could also use your personal information for illegal activity overseas.

You can avoid this scam by keeping your peepers peeled. These scams generally end up in your spam box, but they do filter  through on occasion. Do your research and follow up with the email. If it turns out to be real and you have fully researched an organization then you should feel free to give. However, if it IS a scam, immediately turn around and make no commitments!

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