Collection Agency Scams

Generally, when you owe a sum of money to any organization, like a school, lawyer, doctor, or credit card, they will send your case to an outside source in order to collect their money. However, this occurs after a significant period of times, and in some cases years. It won’t be uncommon for someone to get a call from a collection agency advising them that their clients are owed X amount of money. Now, what you have to watch out for are the irreputable businesses that DO NOT collect money for other than themselves, or try to collect a debt that is owed plus a ridiculous amount of interest. Now, these scams are on the rise and since they are calling on “behalf” of some other company, you would be giving them your information instead of whoever you think you owe. Now, there is a gray area about these scams because it borderlines on blackmail. This scam uses a shock and awe strategy. If the average person hears that they owe money for something, and that someone is after them, AND they bring the “law” into it, they would start to panic and try to rectify the situation as quick as possible. Another reason these scams are on the rise is because a lot of people live beyond their means and rely on credit cards to live out their life style. Whenever you purchase something or buy something online, that information gets out there and is seeded on the Internet. Once the initial shock wears off, you have to ask yourself and even the company calling you, “is this for real?”. Many times it is, and many times it isn’t. If you want to weed out the good from the bad you can do a few things. Namely, flip it on the assumed creditor. Get as much information from them as possible and really interrogate them about who you owe money to. If they put up a protest, that would be your first sign of being scammed. Another easy thing you can do is check your credit score. If you really owed money to someone over a prolonged period of time, it would reflect poorly on your credit score. Since it is the age of the World Wide Web, you can easily get the name of the company who is hiring you and research it on the Internet. This is a great way to see if they are who they say they are. Another thing you can do is after you find out why they are calling you is to call the company or person they are calling on behalf of. There you will find your ultimate answer. For example if you owe money to a school you can call them and if they really did sic the creditors on you, they would fess up to it because it would be out of their hands. You can easily avoid these scammers by researching simple facts. With the age of modern technology is makes it easy for scammers to get your phone number and call you with outrageous claims. Just think about how much interaction you do in one day with the people you meet or talk to, and the purchases you make. Sometimes that is a gateway to these scammers finding your personal information and trying to use it against you. Just play it cautiously, don’t panic, and you’ll be fine.

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