Subscriber Scam #1

You may have heard of subscriber fraud before. There are many levels to it and different interpretations. However, the fraud we are talking about is very similar to identity theft. The term subscriber fraud can be taken any number of ways, but in this particular case, you could end up losing quite a bit of money or at least come extremely close to it. Now, in this scam the predators would get your personal information. And quite honestly, they could get it from anywhere; online “subscriptions” fake credit checks, filling out any number of forms online or in an email. Now the predators and scammers take this information and subscribe you to various things and use those things for themselves. The most common one is getting a cell phone. Now, it could be a month before you get a bill to your house with some new number that on paper belongs to you, but the reality is that a scammer essentially bought a new phone on your dime and is having you billed for it.

It really is that simple. Once you enter your information into an online portal that is is not verified, you never know who snags your information or where that information is going. What may seem cut and dry to you is actually an elaborate scam that will leave your pocket hurting.

You can avoid this scam by only trusting verified websites. 99.9 percent of the time, a website will have clear verifications on them that would give you piece of mind, and even if you are still skeptical, it is very easy to research or contact those verification agencies. Another thing to do is watch your bank account information closely. Sometimes you may be being debited and not catch up to it right away. Scammers rely on this because they can scheme you for months and be long gone before you know it. Just keep a tight hold on your information and your finances and you won’t run into this situation.

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