Fundraising Scam!

Every so often, a horrible natural disaster occurs. Within the last 10 years you have had Hurricane Katrina, the Earthquakes in Japan and Haiti, and the Tsunami in Asia. Now, when one of these cataclysmic events occur, of course there will be legitimate people trying to raise money for these causes. Contrary to popular belief, there are people out there that actually want to help. But, when there is someone doing something for a noble cause, there is always someone who is doing the exact opposite. Is it just the way the universe works? Most scams are a very Yin and Yang operation. For everything good you can get, you will find the dark recesses of opposition that can cost you dearly.

This is a matter of not doing your fact checking and getting suckered by an “organization” that is raising money for the latest disaster. Now, this money is generally untraceable, these places usually do not accept checks, and they would just be pocketing your hard earned cash. Now, these people could come knocking door to door with a made up sob story and have you dolling out the bills in no time. These predators prey on your kind heart and bank account to further their nefarious agenda.

How do you avoid all this drama, heartache, and money loss? Just say no. It may tug on your heart strings a bit to turn anyone down but you need to shut the door in their face and say that you would rather donate to a reputable organization, or don’t say anything at all. All you really need to do is fine a worthwhile agency to donate to and research them a bit before you give them your money. Helping out is a positive thing, but you have to make sure your money goes where it’s supposed.

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