Name A Star Scam: Not What You Think

There are many scams out there but there is one that can fool you easily if you are not careful. There is such thing as the Name A Star Scam and we aren’t talking about naming celebrities on the street. The Name A Star Scam is pretty plain and simple. You may see an advertisement from a company that tells you that they will name a star in sky for a small price. You can name the star anything you want and they will send you a certificate and star chart with the star you named. Now, this sounds like a really sentimental idea or a sweet gift, but the truth is that it is impossible to do. Why? Because stars are named by The International Astronomical Union and they aren’t taking $100 to name a star Nibbles after your first cat. Real star designations are actually rather technical and boring. This doesn’t stop companies from taking your money and preying on your sentimentality or weakness for novelty.

Of course, this is where predators strike. They know that they can bilk money from people who often let their sweet side get the best of them but this innocent gesture could lead to a novelty gift of no value and an empty pocket! Plus, you could be made the fool of if you tried to explain to someone in any scientific position that the star they are looking at is actually named after your kid. This would cost you money and could potentially make you look like a fool.

Our advice? Seriously, just pass on these offers and have a hearty chuckle to yourself and realize that it would be impossible to do this kind of thing unless you had certain contacts in the star-biz, and we aren’t talking Hollywood.

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