Bulk Email Vacation Scam

Sure, we all want to take a break from life sometimes. The human mind and body definitely needs time off during the work year to get back on track. However, most of us cannot afford to go on vacation whenever we want. That is why this Bulk Email Vacation Scam works on so many people. If you get an email asking you if you want a discount vacation, you may be very intrigued! That is exactly how they get you!

You could be going through your email like you normally do and then see this magnificent email for a free vacation. When you open it, it would tell you to fill out a few surveys or enter some information and you would get your free trip! However, these surveys take forever, are fake, and often lead to no result. The only thing that happens is that you have entered in your personal information into a scam. That is what always leads to copious amounts of fraud with you having no idea how it happened. This is exactly how the Bulk Email Vacation Scam Works. You end up handing over your information because you think it will ease the way into you getting a nice free weekend of vacation that is a dream. The dream, however, quickly turns into a nightmare. You may not even know for months how these perpetrators have used your information. It may start out small at first but then you would see a debit of a large amount and go ballistic.

Just don’t fill out any form online that is not verified by at least 3 reputable sources. There are great competitions out there that legitimately yield nice prizes but anything you randomly get in your email inbox would be the opposite of that. Sometimes things in life are free, but you do have to work to get them. For future reference, just think ahead, save some money, and take that trip you have always wanted.

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