Phone Scam: Just Hang Up!

It is always good to have a landline. Just in case the power goes out, you would still have a means of communication. If you pay a monthly phone bill to a land-line then that means certain scammers are aware of it. You have to remember, even if your number is private, some people out there may obtain it through luck of the draw. No one is safe from this scam. However, you have to play it smart or you will be taken to the cleaners.

The way this scam works is like a cold call. You would get a phone call from someone claiming that they are your telephone provider and then they would tell you that you need to update your billing information. If you tell them that you’re account is fine and that you have never heard of anything of the sort they will pull a little trick on you and tell you that they are going to cut off service. However, what they do is mute their line so when you go to hang up you don’t really hang up the call and it only sounds like there is no dial tone! This makes you think that they have the power to disconnect you. And of course you hand over your credit card information, which will severely bite you in the rear.

The easy way to avoid this scam is to not trust these yokels that call you and  keep your personal information to yourself. These people are doing nothing but harm and are trying to take you for a ride. Immediately hang up on them and alert your real phone provider that this is taking place and that they should take appropriate action!

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