Wrong Number Scam: Who You Gonna Call?

If you are hanging out at home, chances are you would get a variety of phone calls. Some would be from friends or loved ones, others would be wrong numbers or solicitors. Now, if you have an answering machine and check messages regularly you may have taken the first step into the Wrong Number Scam.

One of the ways this scam works is that the predators call your house when no one is home, generally during business hours. If you call a random residential number, chances are that the people who live in the house are at work for the day. Now, these scammers would leave a message basically pretending to be someone else, leaving a message on your phone about a hot stock tip or something of the like. The message sounds as if they are leaving a message on their friends’ phone, which makes you think that the tip could be valid. Why wouldn’t you assume that they were telling the truth, especially if you think the message was for someone else? The average person thinks they lucked out and that by sheer luck they heard an amazing tip that could make them extra money. Now, this whole process is pretty illegal because it is part of a scheme. What happens is that people buy this stock, and the value gets raised – then the stock gets deaded by the scammers who pull out their majority shares and make a killing while leaving you dead in the water.

If this ever happens to you just do nothing. No matter the lure you feel to following through secretly with what this message says, just don’t do it. If it was true; it wasn’t meant for you anyway and you still don’t lose anything. If you really want to investigate you can try calling back the number or have the phone company give you that number. You would probably be disappointed but you’d at least save some cash!

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