Event Ticket Scam: Get To The Show On Time!

We all like to get out of the house every once in a while and check out a game or go see a show. Now, a lot of these large events can be very expensive. There are alternatives to getting cheaper tickets. Maybe you know someone, maybe you get scalped tickets, or maybe you look online to find them. Now, when you look online you could definitely run into the Event Ticket Scam! This scam basically entails that you buy tickets that you think are real but they end up being very excellent looking forgeries. These tickets would get sent to your house or you would be able to print them out. They look real and feel real but they most certainly are not.

Now, when you take these tickets to whatever concert or event that you bought them for, they would not work. Then comes the chilling feeling of buyers remorse coupled with the fact that you just realized you got screwed. Now, not only are you out a potentially large sum of money, you also have to deal with the embarrassment at the venue of not having real tickets as well as the broken hearts of those you were trying to take to the show. Not only have these scammers cost you money, but they have also cost you a bit of dignity, and that may sting just a little more.

Now a simple way to avoid this scam is to get tickets from a reputable source. Also, do not let desperation get a hole of you. If you succumb to the last offer you see that is too good to be true, then it probably is. Now, someone has your cash, personal information, and access to your data. It would be too late to find out because these scammers operate in an extremely timely fashion. Get your tickets through a verified source or box office, and you won’t miss a show again!

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