Green Card Email Scam!

There are many scams out there that take advantage of people in need. One such scam is the Green Card scam. Now, it may not be what you think. If you were born abroad and want to get into this country to live with your relatives you need to fill out certain forms and you would get put on a wait list. Usually there is a lottery held and if you are lucky you would get your green card to get into the USA. Now, here is how this scam works. If you know you are on the list, you could get an email from what looks like an official government agency. It would look completely authentic and it would also take advantage of the person waiting for their green card because they may not know the finer details of federal documents.
Now, this email would tell you that in order to get your green card you would have to send a certain amount of money to an address and you would get something in the mail. Now, if you think this is legit and end up sending the money, you would get nothing in return except your hopes dashed and your dreams broken. You could be waiting forever until you realized you were being scammed.

You can avoid this by always checking the source of an email or the status of you application at an OFFICIAL government website. Governments do not include private or important information in their emails. Official government emails would direct you to a secure government website where you could obtain your personal information and your status. Remember, there are scammers everywhere and you must be secure about your info, no matter what!

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