Fake Winnder Scam: Never Pay For A Vacation Day!

We would all love to win something every once in a while. It would be nice to finally have something that we won without putting effort into anything. There are things that do give great rewards, like the real lottery, or official sweepstakes. Now, these scammers have developed a way to take your money and you would be giving it to them willingly. You would get contacted by some scammers that inform you that you have won a large sum of money or a great grand prize. They would also let you know that you have to send them some money for shipping, handling, and a maintenance fee for your winnings or prize. Now, that would be the first red flag in your head.

You would be surprised at how many people fall for this scam. In their minds it makes perfect sense and if it were a reputable company it would be legit. Hey I’m going to give these guys a thousand bucks for my ten thousand dollar prize! Why not, right? Well, that is never how winnings or sweepstakes work. You enter a contest and you win. The odds will always be against you anyway since the prizes are usually great and the chances of winning said prize are astronomical. That is the way big corporations usually work. They make it so that not everyone gets a prize but someone does. If you get one of these emails or letters or phone calls then you know you shouldn’t go with it!

You can avoid this scam by doing a little bit of research. It wouldn’t hurt to look up whatever organization is claming to be giving you this generous offer. Also, do not ever give anyone any money if they tell you that you have won something. This would open the flood gates because then you would be losing your personal information. Just keep doing what you are doing and play the lotto every week. There is no harm in that!

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