Hotel Pizza Delivery Scam: No Food No Money!

Sometimes you just want slice of pizza. We have all been there. Now, when you stay at a hotel you will definitely get hungry. We all also know that room service can be expensive and proceed to look for other inexpensive options. Sometimes we find a pizzeria near by. Now, the way this scam works is that someone would slide flyers or menus underneath your hotel door with different options on it as well as prices. Now, if you have ever eaten a pizza or got delivery you know it could add up. Now, it won’t break your bank, but sometimes you want the extra calzone. Anyway, you place your order, they tell you because it’s a hotel and they get a lot of traffic, that they have to take your credit card information. After that, boom! The deal is done. Now, kiss your identity goodbye!

The scam is that these scammers play an elaborate trick on hotel goers. Hotel security really isn’t that tight in general for some reason so a scammer could get a bunch of flyers that he printed out at the local copy store and literally go to every floor and every room and slide a flier under their doors. Now, since people want to save some money on room service they would call this place and get scammed. Now, these predators probably would use these new found numbers for nefarious things and the more you know, the more you are protected.

Now, in order to avoid that situation, just make some phone calls and do some research. We know you’re hungry, but you can wait a few minutes and contact the concierge and ask them if the food is good. If they haven’t heard of the place, then you know you shouldn’t order from them. Remember, no slice of pizza is worth getting your identity nabbed.

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