Street Musician Scam: Not Music To Your Ears.

Sometimes you are walking down the street minding your own business when someone who is barking about their home made music CD grabs your attention, tells you to check out their music, and puts the CD in your hand. Now, after you try and walk away they tell you that it’s $10. You thought it was free. Now, a group of his friends surrounds you and the guy argues with you about how he is a real artist and you should give him some money. Now, at this point if you are a tourist or don’t know any better, you would cough up the dough in order for you to stop being “menaced.” This scam is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Now, the difference with this scam is that it is happening right to your face and your basic nature of fight or flight will kick in. Most people would fork over some money to have these guys leave them alone. Now, they won’t outright threaten you, but you get the impression that they will. Plus, they give you a sob story of them being a starving artist and that you should support their arts and not be a (insert bad word here.) You end up with a CD you could care less about and you’re out some money.

You can avoid this scam by simply walking away. Do not pay attention to the guys on the street giving their speeches. If you already have the CD in your hand, just put it on the ground and walk away. That is all you have to do. If it escalates, then just scream bloody murder and grab a cop to help you. Do not get entangled with these street scammers.

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