Fake Autograph Scam: Don’t Get Fooled!

People love celebrities. That is why they are celebrities. Now, there are some legitimate business out there or collectors that have the goods when it comes to an autographed item. They have proof of where it came from whether it be a certificate or picture proving that the same person signed whatever it was that they autographed. There is a huge scamming market for fraudulent celebrity signatures. That includes sports celebrities as well! You never know when a scammer may strike so it pays to have your eyes and ears open! Do not let them ruin your joy for and of collecting.

There are autograph hounds out there that actually get legitimate autographs and as we said before, they can provide you with proof so that when you buy something, you know you are getting the real deal. Do not get fooled by scammers who claim they have signed merch from a band or person. That is actually illegal and they can face jail time for personal infringement.

You can avoid all of this heartache and wallet ache by simply verifying your sources. You can get certificates of authentication, pictures of the moment the signature happened, even video of the signature being written. A lot of times you can find limited prints, headshots, posters, or albums that have a limited authenticated run of actual signatures. You get a certificate and all the real deal things that go along with it. Remember, as good as it looks, there is a huge chance you are being faked out, so follow the above steps and don’t get fooled again.

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