Home Repair Scam: Let The Right One In

This is an easy one to fall victim to. If you have your own home and happen to be there during the day, you may get a knock on your door from someone claiming to be able to fix what’s wrong with your home and bring it up to code otherwise you would get fined. Now, these people would come to your home, knock on your door and you think they would have the best intentions. They do not. They are just scam artist construction workers and contractors who are trying to scam you into giving them work and at a high price.

Now, lots of us who own homes could possibly have leaky roofs, cracks, or what have you. Now, almost none of these minor things could cause you to get a fine. They are just part of owning a home. These people would have you believe that if you do not fix these defects now, that you will incur fines and penalties. They will also talk you into giving them business and come up with exorbitant charges that you should not even fall for. These people are thieves but if you let them into your home, they would just be scamming you and not forcing you to do anything. You should definitely know better in this situation.

You can avoid these scammers by taking note of what they are saying and doing your own research. Chances are that these are just opportunists who want to make a little extra cash at your expense. Remember, keep your eyes open and your wallets closed

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