Give Me Directions Scam: Direct Your Way Out Of It!

Sometimes when someone asks you for directions, they say thank you and are well on their way. Other times, they linger. And still other times, a simple case of you being a good Samaritan can get twisted into you opening your wallet when you really shouldn’t. Now, you may have run across the street directions scam before and this is how it works. You could be in your car or walking down the block and someone would ask you where a location is. Once you tell them, they are so gracious to the point where they ask you to accompany them to their car or somewhere and give you a gift. Now, it’s broad daylight and sometimes you feel like you deserve a reward for being a good stranger.

Now, they could tell you that they have extra designer clothes that they don’t want to carry anymore and they load you up. They become friendly and ask your size or your families’ size. At this point you think you have struck gold. Now, here is where the scam comes in. They would give you all this stuff for free and then say they can give you another item for a few hundred dollars because they either need the money for this rare item (that they don’t want to take with them) or that they need to send money to a family member. Now, if you open up your wallet, take the clothes and give this person $500 , you probably got scammed into buying stolen merchandise that wasn’t even worth $500 to begin with; and the scam continues to the next person. These kinds of scammers prey on peoples kindness.

You can avoid this scam by simply just walking away. You already gave them directions or advice and now you don’t need to waste your time with their sales pitch. These scams take place every day and you do not need to get charmed by an old hustler!

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