2011: The Year In Scams

2011 was a big year for a lot of reasons. 3 of the worlds most notorious ne’er do wells are no longer on this planet, the Hobbit trailer was released, The NBA came back, a Royal Wedding, and end of the Iraq War. It was also a big year for the advancement of scamming. There are fewer jobs out there so people are both desperate for cash and desperate for jobs. Sadly, both those things do not mean the same. Scammers will always continue to get craftier as the years go on and 2011 was no different.

You had an outpouring of new technology in 2011 which turned into some very hot selling and sold out items. There will always be scammers trying to bait and switch you into buying their stock of non-existent items. Also, as payment processing has become as simple as a touch of our phone, there are scammers out there who rely on the fact that sometimes we don’t pay attention enough and just keep clicking. The lack of jobs also has equaled an increase in work at home scams that always make people think they can never leave home and make full time wages. The frequency of these scams is increasing and the most that get busted down, the more ingenious or clever the scammer becomes. Scamming also inverts itself on occasion, which means that you could be expecting a very elaborate high tech scam, but fall victim to a simple one such as giving your credit card number to a non existent pizzeria because your out of town and hungry.

In the coming year, just keep your eyes open even more and try to predict the trends that would pop up. Each new invention equals even more scams. Each new social web service equals more scams. Just steer clear and you will be fine. Happy Scam Free New Year!

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