Package Tracking Email Scam: Who Shipped Who!?

Oh boy, this one is a real doozee! Most of us who use the Internet have used it to buy items from online websites. Now, usually when we buy an item, we get sent shipping confirmation or tracking numbers to our email addresses. Scammers actually prey on the law of averages with this scam. If you run a business, anyone could look up your contact information and start sending you Spam email. If you have employees that answer the email then the ratio is in their favor that someone will open this malicious email, which would either spread a virus or be designed to get personal information!

Now, if you unknowingly click these emails open or download whatever fake files they send you, you need to take immediate action. The first thing you need to do is verify the email address that the emails was sent from. Usually they will incorporate the name of the company you actually may have used, but it would something like this; Notice the extra letters. That means that scammers rely on you to give this email a quick glance. Once you do and open the contents or download whatever file has been sent, you could be in serious trouble.

You can avoid this scam by thoroughly reading your email. You can also verify with whatever shipping company if you have a package on the way by calling them. You should also keep a log of orders that you or your company have made just in case you actually get a proper shipping notification. This is a relatively new scam so you need to keep your eyes open for it!

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