Jury Duty Scam: Hung Up…On IDENTITY THEFT!

If you are over the age of 18 then you are pretty much automatically registered for Jury Duty. Now, most if not all of us hate the idea of jury duty. We hardly pay attention to those letters they send and always try to think of ways to get out of it. Scammers know all this and have devised a pretty clever ruse for potential identity theft with your information. The Jury Duty Scam would be under way the moment someone calls you at your home and asks you if you have received your notifications for jury duty. If you say that you have not gotten anything, they then inform you that you face fines and or jail time or that a warrant was issued for your arrest. No one wants to go out that way so you ask what you can do.

This is where the crux of the scam comes into play. Once they say that they need to verify your information, chances are you willingly give it to them! Once you do that, they will give you a warning and send you on your way. Now, what you don’t realize is that they have just stolen all of your personal information and you have no idea what they are going to use it for!

To avoid this turmoil all you need to do is ask them for their information before anything. You can also hang up on them and call your zoned district and ask them directly if anything was sent to your house or if you are in any kind of trouble. Now, this also means that you would have to deal with the fear of now drawing real jury attention to yourself. But, you’re going to have to live with it! Steer clear and have no fear on this one folks!

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