Potential Employee Email Scam: Do Not Open!

If you are a corporation, chances are that you hire people every so often or put out ads for company positions online. It’s not like it used to be where you had to put an ad in the paper to get responses. Now, you have the convenience of the Internet and instant gratification. However, that can bite you right in the rear! This scam involves scammers sending you emails that look like job applications but once you open them it infects your computer with some tracking malware that could lead to your funds being compromised.

This is a tricky situation for any employer because depending on the size of your company; you may have a Human Resources person reading these emails and if they don’t know what to look for, they could compromise your whole deal. It would unleash some harmful pre programmed malware that would search your computer for stored payment information and it would transmit your precious credit cards numbers to some unknown predator and it would make your business life miserable because you would find out too late

You can avoid this scam by taking extra precautions when you put out ads online. You can make your ads encrypted or at least have some kind of capcha that would let someone who wants to apply fill out. Plus, enhance your threat blockers! Stay away from this scam and make your workplace fun again!

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